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Customized shopping cart and more...

E-commerce solution for Dresses, Furniture, Grocery , Vegetables, Restaurants, Donation acceptance by Non-profit organization, Ticket booking, Online subscription and many more... Nuvodev has done it all.

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Sell Online
the easy way

Customized shopping cart and more...

E-commerce solution for Dresses, Furniture, Grocery , Vegetables, Restaurants, Donation acceptance by Non-profit organization, Ticket booking, Online subscription and many more... Nuvodev has done it all.

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Complete Online Shopping Cart Solution

We at Nuvodev have high level of expertise to give shape to a successful e-business. From choosing the appropriate ecommerce solution, installing the cart, customizing to your requirement, adding products to configuring payment gateways and merchant account, we will help you at every stage. Nuvodev has vast experience in implementing new e-commercesystem to existing website and also, enhancing old ones to meet your present requirements. Majorly, we have worked on Open Source shopping carts like Magento, Oscommerce, etc.

Planning a new business venture or trying to expand it?

Planning a new business venture or trying to expand present client base? Consider "E-commerce". Today, the biggest market place in the Globe is the Internet. Withthe online shopping option for your business, the number of potential customers increases by many folds. This is possible at a fraction of the investment that would have been needed otherwise.

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Other Main Shopping Carts

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Other main open source shopping carts are Zen Cart and TomatoCart. Both of them use up to date web 2.0 technologies such as Ajax and Rich Internet Applications offers significant usability improvements and makes interacting with the web interfaces faster and more professional.

Essential Shopping Cart Features

Here are some significant and critical features to have on your product pages to improve conversions.

Most of the e-commerce websites have no. of products. In order to make it easy for visitors to find the required product, a proper segregation is needed. When the products are properly divided under Categories and Sub-Categories, the time taken by visitor is reduced. Also, it is important to keep in mind; there should not be too many levels of sub-categories.
The images for products play a very important part in E-commerce. As the buyers are trying choose a product depending on photo(s) of the product ( rather than actually seeing the physical product), it is very much necessary to display real and good quality images for each products. Preferably, the image should give fair idea about dimensions, colors etc. of the products. Options of enlarging or viewing from different angles are advantageous.
E-commerce websites with more than 25 or more products should consider having features like Product Filtering, Searching and Comparisons. Filtering option essentially means trying select a product depending upon certain criterion. This method is really helpful when buyer knows features or specifications but not sure about product name. Search is a great tool to locate a product in case , the visitor has difficulty in locating it on the website. Search should be possible with name, partial name, brand, productid etc. Comparison tool is very popular with buyers when they want to compare specification/feature or large no. of parameters for two or more products.
After one or more product is chosen, the buyer looks forwards to complete the Checkout process at the earliest. It is important to structure the Checkout process which is easy to complete but captures all necessary information by the owner of the shopping cart. Preferably, the stages of Checkout are defined and displayed. This helps visitors to understand how many stages are remaining and how many have been covered.
The provision of discounting the total cost by entering Coupons or Discount codes is very useful. The coupons can be created depending on Total cost of purchase, Minimum cost of purchase, date of ordering etc. This provision is particularly helpful to give discount to certain buyers or for selected products.
The E-commerce has become popular with large of Computer users as convenient payment options have increased. Online payment options are no more restricted to Credit cards any more. Many other online options like Debit cards, Multiple bank Netbanking, Gift cards etc. have made E-commerce very convenient. Also, there are other options like Cash on delivery, Check payments, Cash deposits etc.
Multiple shipment options and transparent shipment policy are essential for any product based e-commerce service. It is important to have one or more convenient shipment option. Express delivery for extra cost is always a great shipment option to offer. Also, the shipment policy should clearly define the expected delivery time frame.
It is important to have an E-commerce system which allows integration ofnew module or section. This will not only help to offer exciting few features to clients but also better manage the E-commerce systems with new improvements and functionality. Also, upgrades make sure bugs are fixed, vulnerabilities are attended and security loop holes are secured.
A User Friendly Admin section is a huge advantage for the Administrators managing the E-commerce website. One of the most popular features with Administrators is the ease of adding, modifying and deleting any product. More over the ability to import and export products in bulk to the E-commerce system will be helpful for the administrators. Hence, before choosing a shopping cart it is a great idea from administrators to review available features in Admin section.
As in any system, it is important to get correct picture through Reports. Particularly sales, account activity, popularity of a product, popularity of a category of products, payment gateway transactions, more sales from which geographical location and many other reports can help a business to understand and strategize accordingly.

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